Nevada Senate 2010: Harry Reid Racks Up Republican Endorsements

The GOP establishment's support for Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle has begun to dwindle since the controversial Tea Party-backed candidate began campaigning on an unconventional set of values and policies. Perhaps more damaging than Angle's lack of support from many within the Nevada GOP has been the fact that many of the state's most influential Republicans have endorsed her opponent, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Last week, Dawn Gibbons, former First Lady of Nevada, said that she would support Reid because of Angle's "extreme" stances on education. Gibbons was not the first to flee the rank-and-file, however. Other Republicans have cited Harry Reid's ability to bring funding to the state, as well as his leadership role which would be lost should a freshman Senator take his place. Reid lists over 130 Republican supporters on his website.

Check out the slideshow below of some of the more prominent Nevada Republicans who have endorsed Reid.

Republicans For Reid