You've Probably Never ACTUALLY Eaten Fresh Garlic Before

This video "peels back the layers" to reveal that by the time we buy it, garlic isn't actually fresh at all.

Think you've eaten fresh garlic before? Think again.

Apparently, consumers don't know anything about this stinky superfood. Once called a "source of great strength" in Roman times and even used for soldier's wounds in World War II, the freshness of the garlic we buy at grocery stores is now being called into question.

In the latest installment of the "How Does it Grow?" Vimeo series, the video makers "peel back the layers" of garlic to reveal that by the time we buy it, it isn't actually fresh at all.

Basically, the video explains that garlic is really only considered "fresh" when it's pulled right out of the ground. So what are you getting at the store? A version of garlic that's been through "curing" (a.k.a. drying) so that farmers can store it longer and so you can easily peel the cloves. Considering all the processed food that's served on the shelves, two weeks actually ain't bad.

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