Never Get a Real Job

Never Get a Real Job
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For decades it seemed commonplace to ask an entrepreneur, "When are you going to get a 'real job'?" These days, though, youth unemployment is an epidemic. Over 81 million young people worldwide are unemployed according to the International Labour Organization. And according to Pew Research Center, nearly 40% of young people in the United States have been unemployed or underemployed since 2008.

Enter Scott Gerber, Entrepreneurship Crusader. Gerber's mission is to create an entrepreneurial movement. He's doing this in two ways. First, Scott launched the Young Entrepreneur Council in October (full disclosure: I am a member of YEC). His goal was to assemble a group of leading entrepreneurs to offer advice to the next generation. Second, Scott wrote the ultimate guide to never getting a "real job," aptly titled "Never Get A Real Job."

"Youth unemployment and underemployment are Gen Y epidemics," said Gerber, the founder of the YEC. "Now, more than ever before, we must teach young people how to create their own streams of income and become self-sufficient small business owners. Who better to do that than their successful entrepreneurial peers."

Because of Gerber's persistent work, the YEC now contributes original content to various media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Mashable. Once users are registered on, they're able to submit questions to the panel. For Gerber, though, this is just the first step.

"The Young Entrepreneur Council is the first step in a larger campaign to transform Millennials into self-sufficient entrepreneurs. I have no doubt that the insights provided by our world class group of young business owners will provide readers with a practical, top notch small business education," said Gerber.

If the YEC is the first step, Never Get a "Real" Job: How To Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke (Wiley, December) is the guidebook. Gerber is often referred to as the "Simon Cowell" of his generation. Like Cowell, he gives no-nonsense, practical advice. The book is a step-by-step guide to building a new business from absolutely nothing. My favorite section is titled, "Nine Ways To Become a Google Superstar." Even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs, the list offers areas that could use some polishing.

So if there's an entrepreneur in your life, or someone just told you they're starting a business, buy them this book. One day they'll be very happy that they never got a "real job."

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