Never Give Up: 4 Ways to Keep Pushing


We all have heard the tales of rags to riches success, dream jobs after layoffs and the great love that comes into your life right when you least expect it. But what about when you are in the midst of the storm yourself? We may know of 1,000 success and happy-ending stories for others -- but where do we pull our energy from when we truly feel like giving up?

I've got four ways to hang in there when the going gets tough.

#1 -- Look At How Far You've Come
Yes, you! Think about all of the trials, tests and loops you've already been through. Even when things did not work exactly how you imagined, you still managed to make it work. And the fact that you are reading this blog proves you made it to the other side. Our history sets us up for success. It reminds us of how strong and determined we really are.

#2 -- The Grass Comes is Several Shades of Green
What this means is simply stop comparing yourself to others! Concerning yourselves about the lives, careers, financial gains and relationships of others is a sure way to spur negativity within, create jealousy and eventually blinds you to what you have going for you. The grass is never greener, it's just different as we all have a unique journey and purpose.

#3 -- The Glass is Half Full
Sometimes it is simply about perspective. How do you see yourself and your situation? You can be angry and/or frustrated that you don't make more money, your spouse is getting on your nerves and the kids won't stop arguing with each other. But, another person may look at you and say, "Wow. At least you can pay your bills comfortably, you have a spouse that loves you and you've been able to have healthy children." Believe me when I tell you, no matter how bad you think it is, someone is praying for the life you have right now. Learn to appreciate everything.

#4 -- From Your Lips to God's Ears
This one is my favorite. When you speak things into the world, a funny thing happens. A lot of the life we live is the life we talk about, the life we nurture and the life we have prayed for. Prayer works. And whether you are devoutly religious or a child of the universe/karma/energy, what you put into the world is what you get from the world. One of my favorite quotes from Oprah is, "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." Are you asking for the life you want or are you too busy complaining about the one you have? Speak life into your life. (Need a little more, click here.)

Keep on pushing my friends, things can turn around faster than you can ever imagine. In June of 2012, I was struggling to finish my second degree, freelance work had dried up, I was single and didn't know whether I should just throw in the towel and start somewhere new. Fast forward to June 2014, I had just married the love of my life, became an awesome stepmom, was offered a great new full time job and my lifestyle blog was 9 months strong and growing. Now I'm blogging on The Huffington Post.

Never give up... your dream could be right around the corner.

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tina B. Ladson is a designer, blogger, writer and entrepreneur. Currently working on her first book titled, No Ironing Necessary and a lifestyle pillow collection for Love & Light Studio, she writes a weekly blog, Lifestyle with Tina B. that celebrates life, style, and inspiration for the busy, creative woman. She hopes to inspire, ignite and encourage. Follow her @lifewithtinab.