Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Show me a woman in this country, no matter their age, ethnicity, political party or any qualifier you care to name who did not feel a thrill when Serena Williams won Wimbledon earlier this month. I daresay you can't find one. Because deep inside, all of us celebrate when a woman is accomplished and awarded for her talent and skill and determination. Serena is the best of the best. There are even those who have called her America's greatest athlete.

Add to that the recent incredible victory by the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team when they won the 2015 World Cup. The final match against Japan was the most-watched soccer match in U.S. history, bringing about a viewing audience of almost 23 million. Never before has women's soccer been of such interest to Americans. This is wonderful news!

The USWNT was given a ticker tape parade in the streets of New York City, just like the Yankees and the Giants. This is the first time an all-woman team has ever been honored in this way. And hopefully it won't be the last. In the U.S., ticker tape parades celebrate war heroes, popes, kings, queens, astronauts and Olympians. But a women's sports team? Unprecedented. And thrilling!

What I love about these recent examples of America's womanhood at its finest is that it raises all of us up when we see women who are at the top of their game rise to the challenge and be rewarded for it.

Celebrating perseverance is a wonderful message for our daughters and granddaughters -- and, really for everyone -- to have these terrific examples of strong, athletic women who win. It proves that dreams do come true and hard work, sacrifice and practice really do matter.

When Serena Williams and the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team win their trophies or medals, I like to think we all win with them.

When you feel challenged in your own life and are working hard to achieve your goals, think back on these victories and use them as inspiration to propel yourself forward -- I think we are all a lot stronger than we probably give ourselves credit for!

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