The Tricks To Never, Ever Lose Your Luggage Again

Nothing squashes a vacation dream like lost luggage. And if you don't want your suitcase to end up in the purgatory of forgotten airplane goods, it's best to employ a few hacks while you're packing.

The pros at travel product purveyor Squeeze Pod, for example, suggest taking photos of your luggage before boarding and investing in a tracking device to ensure you always know where your suitcase is. They're simple tricks, indeed, but they'll save a LOT of headaches later:

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Want to be extra-prepped for your journey? Here are some of our other favorite lost luggage prevention tricks:

  1. Prep your suitcase. Men’s Health suggests bunching cords, like cell phone chargers, tightly so your bag won’t appear fishy and spend precious time in TSA inspection. They also recommend lining up zippers and detaching extra straps to avoid snagging on conveyor belts.

  • Pack an itinerary.
    As SmarterTravel advises:
  • Place a copy of your travel plans along with contact information in a prominent place inside any checked bags; if your bag gets delayed, this will make it easier for airline staff to forward your luggage to you. (Airline staff members sometimes open delayed bags when looking for contact information.)

  • Don’t check bags late, but don’t check too early, either.
    ABC suggests dropping your luggage no more than 90 minutes before takeoff. Bags checked early might get stashed aside and forgotten there.
  • Fact-check your airline attendant.
    Reader’s Digest provides an obvious yet helpful tip: double-check the airport code the attendant puts on your bag, especially if you’ll be stopping for a connecting flight.
  • Cause a (tasteful) ruckus online. ABC points out how airlines like Delta have set up Twitter accounts for passenger feedback. With careful word choice, a 140-character rant could get you the help you need to find your stuff.
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