Never Stop Growing - Honoring the Influential Jacquelyn Crutchley

Photo of Jacquelyn Crutchley

Working for Schools for Sustainability is essentially channeling your passions to good use with a team of progressive and talented individuals. This dynamic environment is exhilarating. We never stop learning and we never stop growing. Some may wonder how was S4S created? S4S started from the hard work of a few select catalysts. Jacquelyn Crutchley is one of the extremely competent and driven individuals who helped build this organization from the ground up.

Since the age of 19, Crutchley has been a pioneer in the international community. From translating for doctors in rural clinics in Guatemala, to teaching English courses and promoting food security in Mexico, Crutchley has exhibited altruism, bravery, and leadership throughout her entire young adult life. Her collection of skills and experiences, make her seamlessly suited for the role of Chief Operating Officer of Schools for Sustainability.

Crutchley was born and raised in Ewing, New Jersey, an outer city area of Trenton, New Jersey. Her father was a carpenter and her mother worked in a construction office. Crutchley and her three younger siblings were instilled with strong family values and spent many of their weekends outdoors camping in the mountains of Pennsylvania exploring untouched woods. There, she learned to respect the beauty and the power of the wilderness.

Photo of Jacquelyn Crutchley holding Miringa leaves while in the Dominican Republic

The first in her family to go to college, Crutchley early on had visions of a career that would fulfill her passion for helping others. Just as she entered her second semester of her freshman year, her family faced a devastating tragedy. Her father passed away of a heart attack. Faced with despair, she began to question her previous choice to major in sociology. Her love of people and dreams of working in the non-profit sector helping others seemed insensible now that money was tighter. Although moving forward was a huge risk, her intuition compelled her to persevere. Instead of giving up on her dream of helping others, she decided to magnify it.

During her four years at Arcadia University, Crutchley perfected her excellent time-management and organizational skills by juggling three majors, three jobs, one semester abroad, and writing two senior theses. Crutchley majored in sociology, anthropology, and Spanish. Her three jobs sharpened her skills in organizational management, maintaining budgets, sales, and social media expertise.

Outside of work and school, Crutchley fell in love with Latin culture. She soon became president of Puro Ritmo the Latin Dance Team on campus. She interned at Raices Culturales Latinoamericanas Inc., a Philadelphia non-profit dedicated to the education and preservation of latino arts and culture in the city. Crutchley's tenacity, strength, and intense drive channeled her directly into S4S.

In August, 2013, as S4S began to bloom as an organization, Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso, Founder and CEO, approached Crutchley with her dream to start a school. Together, their compatibility was a match made in heaven; as Crutchley had long shared a similar dream. The two worked fervently to develop the organization.

Photo of Jacquelyn Crutchley and Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso looking at a map of the Dominican Republic

With her outstanding work ethic, Crutchley spearheaded and collaborated on countless projects including but not limited to: assembling a team of paid interns, supervising departments, networking with influential politicians and directors, writing grants, drafting donation letters to attain free equipment, devising aggressive marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and coordinating public relations. Paramount to these accomplishments, is the intricate team that she and Ramos-Reynoso currently manage. "I am proud to have surrounded this organization with positive, accomplished, complex individuals. Nothing we have done to date comes close to how proud I am of our team and their dedication to the project."

Ultimately, Crutchley dreams for mutual value and respect among communities on a global scale. She wants to witness honest communication between people and resolution of tough global problems. Most importantly she wants to be a part of a less polluted and kind future for generations to come. At S4S, we enthusiastically work towards these goals, currently and long into the future. Through collective action, we are confident that our efforts will generate profound results.

Photo of Jacquelyn Crutchley

This blog post was co-written by Director of Efficiency and Administrative Supporter, Kimmy Weller. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Delaware and her Master of Science in Public Health and Certificate of Environmental Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School. In graduate school, she focused on program planning and evaluation. She and a group of students implemented a school-wide campaign to encourage students to reduce exposure to toxins by avoiding plastics for food and beverage storage. In her research, Kimmy completed her Master's thesis on climate change and its public health impact. As an undergraduate, she completed an electric vehicle market analysis, which she presented at the American Psychological Association national conference. Professionally, Kimmy has worked at the Philadelphia Eagles stadium to expand the Eagles' Go Green environmental campaign. She coordinated a plastic film recycling process, and led sustainability training for managers at sports stadiums countrywide.