New $100 Bill: Matt Drudge Is Terrified That It Looks European

In case you haven't heard, the U.S. Treasury unveiled the design of the new $100 bill. It's all tarted up with new colors and new images and it comes complete with a security strip and an onboard MP3 player and new cross-platform "social networking" features. Or something like that.

It's so awesome that they made a video (that appears to have been conceived and directed by Aaron Sorkin), describing its features, and the whole thing was introduced to America by Timothy Geithner and Benjamin Bernanke, because that was totally the best possible use of their time.

And, Lord knows, that should have been it, but instead, Matt Drudge went a little crazy over it, tweeting "EVEN OBAMA'S NEW $100 BILL LOOKS EUROPEAN..." and posting the following doohickey on his eponymous report.

That link, "Might as Well Be a Euro?" That led readers to Juli Weiner's Vanity Fair post on the matter, where she makes fun of precisely the sort of Euro-creep fear-dazzle that Drudge himself was indulging in: "How much socialism, rounded to the nearest thousand, is suggested by this country's new $100 bill?" Drudge apparently took her post deadly seriously.

Also, fun fact: While Drudge attributes the changes to Obama, can you name the Europhile president who actually called for this new design? Click here for the surprising answer!

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