New 30-Min Film Takes You Face to Face with Slavery

New 30-Min Film Takes You Face to Face with Slavery
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By Maurice Middleberg
Executive Director | Free the Slaves

Today we are thrilled to release a poignant new film that features the work of Free the Slaves around the world. Two extraordinary volunteers journeyed to the front lines of slavery to meet survivors and activists. Their film uncovers the brutality of hidden slavery in Nepal, India, Ghana and the Congo. It bears witness to the remarkable grassroots movement that is bringing thousands of people from slavery to freedom.

Face to Face With Slavery is 30 minutes long, and it's a great conversation starter for church groups, neighborhood meetings, community salons, brown-bag lunches at work, classroom discussions or fundraising house parties. Here's the two-minute trailer:

In the film, you'll meet slavery survivors like Kamala in Nepal, who was tricked into slavery by her own aunt. "You don't really know who you can trust," she warns. "They'd chew meat and spit it on my face," she recalls of her days in bondage, "they would beat me up."

You'll also meet Sanjafi in India, who was captured by slave raiders who burned the homes of people who had fallen into debt. "They threw my things into the fire," she says. "One laborer in our group died from being beaten so badly."

Both women are now free, thanks to the courageous work of Free the Slaves activists and our front-line partner organizations. The women lead fulfilling lives and are helping others stand up for their rights to escape or avoid slavery.

I hope you'll take the time to watch Face to Face with Slavery. It shows in intimate detail how Free the Slaves is changing lives in trafficking hot spots worldwide. I'm confident that the deeply personal profiles of triumph over slavery depicted in this exceptional film will touch your heart.

Our deepest thanks to Cassie and Jordan Timpy of Agape Visuals, who spent months producing short videos from the front-lines for Free the Slaves and who have now created this compelling film. "Now that you and I have come face-to-face to with slavery," Cassie tells viewers as she concludes her film, "we need to work together to end this problem."

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