New Ad Targets Latin Americans To Increase Latino Voter Turnout In The U.S.

"Tell them to vote."

A new ad campaign is urging Latin Americans to have heart-to-heart conversations with their relatives in the U.S. about the upcoming elections. 

The goal of the non-partisan campaign, Diles Que Voten (Tell Them To Vote), is to use the Latin America-based families of U.S. citizens as civic engagement ambassadors in order to increase Latino voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election. 

“We believe that the most effective way to educate, empower and mobilize U.S. Latino eligible voters is through their families,” Roberto Trad, Executive Director of Diles Que Voten and Principal at El Instituto, said in a statement released Monday. “It is through familial bonds that we can reach the heart and minds of these voters and encourage them to register and participate in the November election and beyond. We want to help raise the Latino voice.” 

The campaign also aims to show how the election will impact Latin Americans.

“We know that the possibilities for Latin Americans to study, work or visit our families in the U.S. depend greatly on the next U.S. president,” explains a man featured in one of the ads (seen below), “but also the quality of life, security and peace of our families that live there.”

An estimated 27.3 million Latinos are eligible to vote this year, but whether or not they’ll show up to the polls remains to be seen; so far, analysts aren’t very optimistic. 

In 2012, less than half of all eligible Latino voters cast a ballot, Pew Research Center data shows. 

Diles Que Voten’s campaign kicked off with three online Spanish-language ads bearing English subtitles this week. The campaign will continue to release videos and creative content though its online platform and social media platforms.



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