Sleep With The Lights On -- New 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Teasers Are Here

You might want to avoid your mattress for a while.

Just in case the first two teasers for "American Horror Story: Hotel" didn't convince you to avoid checking into hotels for a while, these new ones definitely will. In three new teasers, which Ryan Murphy tweeted on Monday night, the titular Hotel Cortez gets even creepier.

In one called "Jeepers Creepers," we get a look at the hotel's room 64, which we know is the room of Evan Peters' Mr. James March, the charming murderous psychopath who built the hotel in the 1930s. But is that him snooping through the peephole? As one fan on Reddit pointed out, Peters doesn't have blue eyes, so perhaps this is the eye of a victim in his room. Either way, we're bound to see Mr. March snooping at some point this season, since Peters' character is partly influenced by Howard Hughes, who was known to stay in room 64 at the Chateau Marmont and supposedly used it to spy on women down at the pool.

The second teaser, "Towhead," shows a group of pale, blonde children standing in an eerie hallway. Could some of these be the blood-drinking kids of Lady Gaga's Countess?

The third teaser changes the entire meaning of sleepwalking. Perhaps you should avoid your mattress tonight and sleep with the lights on.

Murphy also shared two new character photos over the weekend, including one of The Countess and one of a masked man who may be Mr. March.

Still not scared? Don't worry, on Monday, Lily Rabe posted a photo on Instagram of the contacts used to play serial killer Aileen Wuornos on "Hotel." That means Murphy & Co. are already shooting the two-part Halloween episode, which we know will feature a dinner party of the most infamous serial killers. Prepare to not sleep for a while.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres on Oct. 7 on FX.

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