New Al Jazeera America President: We Wouldn't Provide 'Breathless' Royal Baby Coverage

Kate O'Brian, a 30-year ABC News veteran named president of Al Jazeera America on Monday, said in a HuffPost interview Tuesday that the forthcoming US-based network would differ in focus from its cable news competitors.

Specifically, I asked how Al Jazeera America might cover the biggest TV news story of the moment: The Royal Baby.

"We would certainly cover the Royal Baby. It's an important story. It's an interesting story, but we wouldn't do it in a minute-by-minute, breathless, day-in-day-out way that we've seen some of the competitors out there doing. We would do it in a way that we think is appropriate -- maybe with humor, maybe with lightness. But we would do it in a way that we deem appropriate in terms of the news -- the buffet of news that is out there every day."