New 'American Horror Story' Promo Supports A Crazy, Elaborate Fan Theory On Season 6 Theme

Exclusive video may finally answer our questions.

If you’re like us, the “American Horror Story” teasers are probably keeping you up at night ― not just because they’re creepy, but because you can’t figure out which one is correct. (But mostly because they’re creepy.)

After the recent revelation that only one of the teasers depicts the upcoming Season 6 theme, fans have been racking their brains to try to figure it out. Now, thanks to an elaborate fan theory and a new promo exclusive to The Huffington Post, the answer may finally be revealed.

Ladies, gents, ghosts and whoever else, the new “AHS” promo:

The promo shows each season’s theme connecting to the next. It then shows all the previously released Season 6 teasers ― back to back to back. It’s cool. It’s weird. And it may be the key to cracking which “AHS” teaser is actually legit.

The promo stresses how the show is linked together. This is also a key element in an elaborately detailed fan theory attempting to prove which teaser is right.

According to Reddit user HazyVision, who also explains the theory in a blog post, the teaser that’s probably correct stands out from the rest by having major links to “AHS” Season 1, aka “Murder House.” The Reddit user inspected each teaser and found they all seemed to pay tribute to popular horror movies except for one ― “Wind Chimes.”

According to the Redditor, the teaser showing an alien abduction could be linked to movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” the one with the shadow has a strong link to “Nosferatu,” and so on. But the “Wind Chimes” teaser actually seems to link most closely to “AHS” Season 1.

In that teaser, a nurse is shown using hedge clippers to cut wind chimes made from teeth. The Reddit user explains that a hedge clippers killer was actually an idea that was dropped from Season 1 of the series, which creator Ryan Murphy revealed at PaleyFest 2012. You can also see remnants of the hedge clippers killer in the Season 1 title sequence:

From "American Horror Story" opening titles.
From "American Horror Story" opening titles.
From "American Horror Story" opening titles.
From "American Horror Story" opening titles.

The Reddit user also suggests “Wind Chimes” could link to another element of Season 1: its brief Roanoke connection.

Leaked set pictures published by TMZ show the season may have something to do with the lost Roanoke colony. In “Murder House,” medium Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson) tells a story about the colonists who, after their deaths, began haunting local Native Americans, forcing the native people to perform an exorcism. HazyVision speculates that the wind chimes, with their straw dolls, may represent the colony.

We’ve heard “AHS” Season 6 will take place in two time periods, and, with these connections, it appears “Wind Chimes” is our new theme.

But we’re not done yet. HuffPost dove even further and discovered more support.

FX recently announced an “American Horror Story” sweepstakes on Instagram. Fans are asked to choose the teaser that best represents Season 6 for a chance to win a car. And, holy crap, it’s a Benz.

Until now, “AHS” has released more than 10 teasers for the new season, but only six are included in the contest.

In other words, one of these has to be correct ― or no one’s getting that car:

To narrow it down even further, we recruited some magical assistance.

HuffPost contacted magician Brian Curry, who regularly performs tricks onstage using mind-reading to choose correct items from lists. He says, though it’s not scientific, when people try to fool him onstage, they rarely have their correct answer in the first or last spot. More often than not, the correct answer is in the middle.

Curry says FX likely put a lot more thought into the list than the people he calls onstage (understandable), but he adds, “If I were them, I probably wouldn’t make it the first one, and I probably wouldn’t make it the last one.”

Among the teasers in the new promo and those listed on the sweepstakes contest page, “Wind Chimes” appears in the middle.

Again, that’s not definitive proof of anything. But c’mon. Yeah, it is.

This is about winning a car, people! Go do it!

We better get some rides, though, or we’re telling Sister Mary Eunice.

Gosh. Never mind. She’s too scary.

“American Horror Story” Season 6 premieres September 14.

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