New 'Anti-Aging' Gin Claims To Be The Real Fountain Of Youth

Gin and Anti-aGin tonic, anyone?

Makers of a new gin claim that the fountain of youth flows freely in their $50-a-bottle alcohol. Designed for Warner Leisure Hotels in the UK, the aptly named "Anti-aGin" is a 40 percent proof gin that promises it "rejuvenates skin while you drink."

In addition to drinkable collagen, the drink is said to contain a number of botanical ingredients, including juniper, licorice and chamomile, among others.

Collagen is a protein that is part of our connective tissues and helps give skin its full, firm look. It's commonly found in a number of skincare products but as of late, has become a popular additive to foods.

Last year a Japanese company introduced a collagen-infused beer and "anti-aging" gummies have been hitting the shelves with claims to help turn the clock back on your skin.

But do these products really deliver on their claims? It's a matter of opinion.

Earlier this year The Huffington Post asked board-certified dermatologist Jessica Weiser to weigh in on the edible collagen fad.

Weiser explained that collagen ingested orally gets broken down by stomach acid, meaning the collagen isn't really left intact.

So, basically, as far as we can tell, drinking a "Sixty Going On Fortini" or "Skin and Tonic" probably won't help you look any younger. Sorry.


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