New Artist Reviews: Mind The Journey

In the vast dust storm of electronic noise, there are some grains of sand that glitter amidst the haze. Hailing from Boston is psychedelic dreamer Spencer Sabo's project, Mind The Journey. Fusing various elements from electronica, psych rock, synth pop, alternative, and avant-garde, his upcoming album Color in The Gray Machine is a sonic bath of innovation and electric bliss.

Like many new artists, Color in The Gray Machine was created in Sabo's basement, a modern version of the garage band. Raised on the tranquil shores of Connecticut, Sabo spent his early years learning the drums, exploring the many corners of creativity, and making playful films with his brother. He continued immersing himself in music all through high school where he met other musically-inclined peers with whom he started a band. Sabo's sound experimentation continued to expand at the age of 17 when he began tinkering with an old keyboard, opening up a new region of his brain. This marked the birth of Mind The Journey where he began materializing the many textures and fabrics of his mind.

Sabo's first album as Mind The Journey was an eight-track, self-titled EP which garnered attention both online and within his local music community. The EP is a collection of dreamy and ethereal songs that depict Sabo's path towards discovering his signature sound. Between this EP and his live performances in the New England area, Mind The Journey is beginning to gain traction as he prepares to release his newest, full length album in January of 2016.

The first single released off of Color in The Gray Machine is "Rose Colored Glasses," a psychedelic odyssey which takes the listener through frenetic soundscapes and ethereal melodies. Warm and inviting, the track evokes visions of swirling fractals, lava lamps, and silhouetted go-go dancers. Like a 1960s fantasy mixed with a modern, electronic haze, "Rose Colored Glasses" paints a complex, yet palatable soundscape that dances upon the line between experimental and catchy.