New Baby Wallabies At Prospect Park Zoo

This week in "awww" news: baby wallabies.

Canberra and Windarra, two new yellow-footed rock wallabies, are out and about for the first time in the Prospect Park Zoo's Australian Walkabout exhibit.

The "joeys" as they're called, are seeing what life has to offer outside the pouch.

"The joeys are becoming very independent and learning how to hop around on the rocks," said Denise McClean, Director of WCS's Prospect Park Zoo in a news release.

Yellow-footed rock wallabies are found in southern Australia. They have "strong hind legs and large feet for jumping and a long, thick tail that helps them balance," the release says.

The Prospect Park Zoo has been known to exploit the cuteness of its animals well, as evidenced by this rap video about its Flemish rabbit, Herbie, that the Zoo employees made.