New Books By Women You're Guaranteed To Love This Summer

Some are just out, some are to look forward to, but all will keep you entertained even on the longest, hottest day.

For Glamour, by Elizabeth Logan.

The sun is shining, the air is clear, and we have your new favorite book right here. Yes, summer means reading in the park, on the beach, beside the pool, and well into the night — so with that in mind, we’ve chosen 21 of our favorite new and upcoming releases. Some are just out, some are to look forward to, but all will keep you entertained even on the longest, hottest day. Even better? Each and every author is a woman.

From the whip-smart and LOL-funny Jami Attenberg comes the tale of Andrea, a kinda-adult 39-year-old single gal forced to finally figure things out when her family is thrust into unexpected crisis. Expect lessons both instructive and of warning.

It's a memoir from a former editor-in-chief of Paris *Vogue.* Basically, your perfect rooftop read. Buck is the first and only American to ever fill the Paris *Vogue* editor-in-chief position, so get your heels on and pour yourself some rosé for an honest look at a glossy life.

Borrowing its title from Virginia Woolf, *Too Much and Not in the Mood* is a poetic and personal collection of essays on artistic growth among female writers from Durga Chew-Bose, one of the best essayists writing today.

A memoir about growing up different and Catholic, but unlike any you've read before. Poet and writer Patricia Lockwood brings her uniquely bracing yet humorous prose to the story of where it all began: home.

For nearly 30 years, Pamela Paul kept a record of every book she read. That record was in a notebook named Bob. Follow Bob and Pamela's adventures, and then record this in your very own book tracker.

From the author of *The Girl on the Train* comes the story of a town with a water problem: Women keep turning up dead in the river. First a teenage girl, then a single mother. Who — or what — is down there?

Fans of *Brooklyn* will enjoy this multigeneration tale of two Irish sisters—Nora and Theresa Flynn—who leave their home for life in Boston, only to confront even harder circumstances when one of them becomes pregnant.

A mystery, a coming-of-age story, and an ensemble drama are woven together in this tale of love, loss, grief…and human remains found deep in the desert.

A fantastical and surreal look at modern life, in gorgeous pencil sketch. Perfect for fans of *Black Mirror,* Daniel Clowes, and getting introspective as hell.

A biting satire about a trend forecaster gone rogue who begins to see that the "IRL" experience of touch technology isn't *quite* the same thing as life offline.

The story of two families vacationing together, this novel weaves a tapestry of viewpoints, hopping from family to family, children to adults, as they deal with the repercussions of becoming briefly separated.

Author Nina Riggs was 37, the mother of two young sons, and married to her best friend when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. This is the story of how she faced the unthinkable with humanity and most of all with love.

Following her breakout debut *Nobody Is Ever Missing,* Catherine Lacey's second novel introduces us to Mary, a young NYC woman dealing with debilitating pain who works as the "emotional girlfriend" of an eccentric actor to pay for her expensive treatments.

A rich, romantic, and sprawling tale that plays out across India through time and space. You're guaranteed to fall in love with the characters and be swept up by the writing.

A gripping memoir about growing up in—and growing out of—a deeply dysfunctional, abusive family. Jessica Berger Gross' childhood may have looked happy from the outside, but it wasn't until she left home for good and cut her abusers off completely that she found happiness.

Clemmons' debut novel is a stunning work about growing up, losing your parents, and being an outsider. Perfect for fans of tangled immigrant stories like *Americanah.*

If you're hungry for another mystery after finishing *Big Little Lies,* pick up this story about Billie Flanagan, a Berkeley mom who disappears one day while hiking and the unnerving circumstances that bring her daughter Olive into the case.

Amid a glut of tomes preaching to American women about how to act/live/dress French, Catherine Malandrino's stands out. First of all, she's a bona fide fashion designer. Second, she's quintessentially French. Finally, she's lived in the States for decades. If anyone can teach us how to do it, she can.

It's the nineties, and Maria truly has it all. Beautiful fiancé, hip apartment, exciting new projects, and a starring role in a cool documentary. But she can't stop daydreaming about another man. She really can't stop.

From the author of the best-selling *How to Raise an Adult* comes a memoir about the insecurities and microaggressions that come with growing up biracial in today's America. This is a necessary and timely read for anyone looking not just to learn but to understand.

The debut collection of stories from National Magazine Award winner Jenny Zhang, *Sour Heart* is all about the chaos and wonder of being young in the city.

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