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Bourbons and Cognac And Rums, Oh My! The Latest in Liquor for Year's End

This latest crop of rookies is a weird one.
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It seems to me like just about everyone could use a drink a little more than usual in recent weeks. Hurricane Sandy, a bruising presidential election, the looming fiscal cliff, Donald Trump calling for revolution, you name it -- it all cries out for a bottle and a glass. Thankfully, spirits producers are happily obliging us, not just with the tried-and-true brands but with a whole bunch of new ideas as well.

This latest crop of rookies is a weird one. You'll find a pair of stellar limited edition bourbons... and a mezcal that's not smoky. A cognac that's not from Cognac and a rum from Thailand. A $300 orange liqueur and a salted caramel whiskey. You get the idea. Not all of these are going to occupy a place of honor in my liquor cabinet. I'm guessing a couple of them won't even be around a few years from now. But I'm glad I got to try them, and I think they're all worth at least a cursory taste. After all, in times like these, the more booze the better.

Bourbons And Cognac And Rums, Oh My!