New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Causes Major Speculation

"You chose the wrong side."

With a great trailer comes great responsibility.

And Marvel did a perfect job of causing major speculation over the new trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" that premiered during Super Bowl 50.

One of the biggest mysteries of the movie is how Spider-Man will be integrated into the franchise. The Captain America and Iron Man "team shots" show six members on Cap's side and only five on Iron Man's. This lineup has led to fans guessing Iron Man's sixth person, Spider-Man, is actually secretly standing next to Black Panther, just out of view. 

Another scene reveals Bucky trying to shoot Iron Man point blank, leading to guesses that his HYDRA brainwashing has kicked back in. Plus, the team shots also confirm Cap has a run-in with Black Panther at some point. Yes, those are scars in Cap's shield, and, yes, anyone against Black Panther probably "chose the wrong side."

"Captain America: Civil War" hits theaters May 6, 2016.

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