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NEW CONTEST! Karl Rove Aide "Busted"! - CAPTIONS REQUIRED!!!

President Bush and his "Special Assistant" Susan Ralston(Photo courtesy)
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Bush-Rove aide.jpgPresident Bush and his "Special Assistant" Susan Ralston(Photo courtesy

"She did not want to be a distraction to the White House at such an important time and so we have accepted her resignation. We support her decision and consider the matter closed." - White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino.

The White House tells us that the matter is closed. However, I believe that there are THREE branches of government in this country - and the other two have NOT yet said whether the matter is "closed"

Meanwhile - the FOURTH branch of power is the wit and wisdom of the people - especially as expressed by the sharp-shooters here at HuffPo.

So my fellow HuffPosters - let it rip!

Here is Karl Rove's key aide Susan Ralston - Special Assistant to President Bush - (duties apparently included frisking him to see if he is wired or packing heat) - former employee of Jack Abrahamoff - captured in an intimate moment with her most recent ex-boss.

So for her going-away present - let's give her a royal send-off! A fun caption to go with this photo. Something to frame and put on the wall if she ends up doing time at Leavenworth.

Could be think or speech balloons. (Watch your syllable count for Dubya! Keep it plausible...)

Could be an overall caption.

Could be the exhibit tag for the photo when it is shown to the Grand Jury.

Short and pithy is preferred.

Comments (as distinct from contest entries) should be offered elsewhere.

Rev up your engines... Let your mind Rove where it will... And away we go!

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