10 Must-Read Blogs For New (And Experienced) Dads

We're all in this together.

Mom bloggers are a remarkably powerful force in the Internet ecosystem and an empowering resource for new mothers, so it is no wonder dad bloggers want in, too. Everywhere you look, dads have joined the conversation by sharing personal stories, venting about diaper duty, dispensing advice on toddler tantrums and admitting that they don't always have the answers -- and that's okay!

Whether you're looking for parenting inspiration or answers to the puzzling aspects of fatherhood, the below 10 dad blogs should be plenty helpful in figuring it all out.

Adrian Kulp

Offering "the confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad," Adrian Kulp provides a look into the humor found in everyday family life (our favorite section may just be "Dad's In Deep Sh!t.")

Aside from painfully honest personal experiences "managing three kids under the age of five," Kulp, a former Hollywood comedy TV exec, shares entertaining family advice and hosts some sweet giveaways.

Charlie Capen and Andy Herald

Approaching fatherhood with humor and satire, How to Be a Dad offers hilarious listicles and funny instructional diagrams. According to its authors, Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, the blog is "not so much a 'how-to,' but a 'how-not-to' entertainment site for dads, moms, soon-to-be parents or anyone who has had parents, really."

A major mood perk, How to Be a Dad aims "to relieve the stress and worry of life as a parent."

Mike Julianelle

Chronicling his journey as a first-time father, Dad and Buried's Mike Julianelle is as straightforward as they come. Julianelle wholeheartedly admits that he went into parenting unsure about, well, everything. Through his blog he shares real-life stories, triumphs and tribulations that will resonate with most new fathers.

"Dad and Buried is not a manual, or a guide, or a rule book. It's a life raft ... a place where I can humorously bitch about my life as a dad, rant about my annoying son(s), and scream about all those judgmental parents who act like they know better than everyone else," says Julianelle.

Jeff Bogle

From recipes and frugal fun ideas to parenting humor, Jeff Bogle covers all the bases. Not only does he photograph and write about his two adorable daughters, he also posts a monthly music podcast playlist for you and your kiddos to jam out to.

"[A]t its heart, [OWTK] is a place where stories and photos converge to show how wonderful it is to be a dad to bright and hilarious daughters," Bogle explains. "We travel, laugh, play and snuggle, and are all growing up together."

Aaron Gouveia

The Daddy Files was born when Aaron Gouveia noticed there was a need for fathers to support and network with each other. "Parenting isn't all sunshine, rainbows, and perfect Facebook portraits," Gouveia says, suggesting that there is "often beauty in the sadness and redemption in the struggle."

Clint Edwards

The name says it all, doesn't it? Flip through Clint Edwards' site and you'll feel as if you know his wife and three children. His posts range from playful topics like "First World Toddler Problems" to more serious experiences, as evidenced by his recent post "My 6-Year-Old and Understanding Death."

Explaining his origin, Edwards admits he "grew up mostly without a father, so he has no idea what he's doing raising the son and two daughters he has with his loving, honest, and ever patient wife, Mel. The truth, of course, is that no parent knows what he or she is doing -- not even Mel -- and that's part of the fun as well as the horror."

Doyin Richards

Doyin Richards' blog -- which shares a name with his 2014 book -- focuses on the adventures of a dad with two little girls. Per his own description, "[Richards] also dives into other issues such as gender equality and race-relations."

Mike Reynolds

Jam-packed with tips on how to play with your children, Puzzling Posts is home to insightful product reviews and tales from Mike Reynolds, a husband and father of two "super-creative, sometime challenging and always amazing daughters." One of the blog's goals is to encourage parents to read with their kids, so check out his "Tiny Tales" section for some two-minute bedtime reads.

John Kinnear

John Kinnear, whose blog's motto is "pretending to know the answer since 2010," has a little bit of everything on his site: relatable fatherhood stories, recipes, projects and even a comics section. He doesn't call his site an advice blog but instead, a place to "explore the messier parts of being a dad," ask questions and start a space for conversation.

"Sometimes I'm funny on purpose. Most of the time it's on accident," Kinnear says.

Mike Adamick

For activities your kids will love (and you won't hate), check out craft whiz Mike Adamick's self-titled blog. This stay-at-home dad covers family friendly recipes and creative DIY projects, like "How to Make A Rainbow Wall," among other projects. Adamick is also the author of a books series on crafts for kids.

"With my blog, I've always wanted to create something that would serve as a memory book as my daughter grows up," Adamick explains, "and also something akin to a commiserate book -- a place to share all the highs and lows to remind myself and other parents that you're going to mess up a million times over, especially when the kids reach 4th grade and you can no longer help with math."

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