New Dem Specter Votes No On Obama's Budget

It didn't take long for Sen. Arlen Specter to let his new colleagues in the Democratic Party know that his vote won't be taken for granted.

A day after abandoning the Republican Party for the Democrats, saying the latter better represented his political philosophy, Specter voted against President Obama's budget -- which he and other Democrats have described as a manifestation of the party's political philosophy.

Specter was greeted warmly by his new fellow party members on his way into the chamber.

"Welcome," said Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), extending his hand when he saw Specter exit the elevator.

Specter was joined in his opposition to the president by the entire GOP. Not a single Senate Republican voted to support the budget. Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative Democrat from Nebraska, also voted no. It passed 53-43.

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