New Demand-Based Cryptocurrency Seeks to Challenge Bitcoin

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There’s been a lot of recent excitement over blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, especially with Bitcoin and Ethereum continuously setting new highs in value, but many are still unfamiliar with what these technologies are and how to use them. Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, is based on blockchain, which allows it to be secure, transparent, and accountable. It is also decentralized, meaning no one power is in direct control over it. This makes cryptocurrency highly appealing, but there is a reason why not many are using it.

That’s because the value of cryptocurrency is usually based on risk, volatility, and scarcity.

This makes cryptocurrency behave much like stocks: most people won’t use it because they know the value will soon increase, so the majority of those who buy cryptocurrencies are traders and investors.

There is however, a promising new cryptocurrency that takes all the benefits of blockchain to create a different type of cryptocurrency: one that is stable enough for use in everyday life, and equally profitable as the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Most people who are not familiar with the crypto space have been wondering how to use cryptocurrency as a regular means of transactions. But since the prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple fluctuate so frequently, this is difficult for most. Corion, a stable price growth currency built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a solution to this problem.

We first heard of Corion (COR) last summer during their ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and have endeavored to keep up with their latest developments, since such a project would make cryptocurrencies usable by and available to anyone, not just traders. Since last summer, COR has become fully mature, merchants and buyers alike now use their marketplace, and the COR coin consistently delivers on its promises. It is stable against the USD with automated inflation and deflation control, is fast and secure, and those who use it gain predictable daily profits based on demand, not scarcity.

This means the sooner you use Corion Coins you’ll be able to realize greater growth and greater profits, and won’t have to worry about the value of the COR coin fluctuating relative to fiat currency. This is a digital currency that has developed real usability, doesn’t require mining, and still earns its users regular profits. In short, it is a passive income provider, something that cryptocurrency companies have dreamed of creating since 2008.

This differentiates it sharply from other dominant cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, which are node-controlled and build their value on the number of browsers mining them at any given time, a time consuming endeavor that requires massive technical expertise and hardware. Corion is the market-based alternative to mining. Pre-mined tokens allow for for the flexibility and utility of cryptocurrencies without the disadvantages of running machinery and wasting energy.

Corion’s ICO was premised on functionality, financial security, and daily profit gain. The Corion platform features a multifunctional wallet, peer-to-peer transacting capability, and most importantly, security protocols based on Ethereum-enabled decentralized blockchain technology. Corion’s COR coins are not only usable and reliable, but give users predictable profits, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which constantly fluctuate in value, mimicking stocks. Unlike those, COR is a digital currency based on demand.

In terms of financial security, COR is adjusted for inflation and deflation, and features stable pricing against the US Dollar. It represents a source of regular and steady profit for those looking to capitalize more on their net worth through cryptocurrencies and who have been looking for a way to incorporate secure digital currencies in their everyday life. This is particularly attractive for regular users and vendors alike.

It has been one of the most anticipated projects in the crypto-market space. All in all, the price stability of the currency is likely to lead to faster adoption by users and merchants, otherwise attracted to Bitcoin or Ether, because of its visible steady gain potential and could easily become the most widely used crypto token due to its functionality.

As the first cryptocurrency intended for micropayments, users and vendors can both transact between one another in the Corion Marketplace. Given its demand-based price structure, the more users use COR, the higher gains COR users will be able to realize and in this way, Corion is the first digital currency with high potential for mainstream usage.

Like Corion, the cryptocurrency market is growing, and Corion is poised to capture significant market share as the first demand-based cryptocurrency. With its proprietary marketplace, COR users can translate their income into cryptocoins, buy and sell products, open and operate businesses, and accept cryptocurrency on one stable platform that offers them regular profits in addition to all the benefits of being based on blockchain technology.

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