New Dictionary Words? Collins Dictionary Opens Word Submission Process

Five years ago, who thought we'd be posting messages to our "tweeps" while "livestreaming" the latest news or "cyberstalking" a crush on Facebook? To less-savvy web users, these terms might make little sense, which could be why Collins Dictionary wants help from the public in keeping everyone up to speed on the latest lingo online (and offline).

“For Collins Online Dictionary, it was essential that we keep our ear close to the ground listening out for new words emerging from pop culture, science and technology,” said Alex Brown, Head of Digital, in a press release.

English speakers are currently invited to submit popular words through the Collins website, where new word candidates will be put through the typical vetting process before being accepted into the Collins Dictionary. Participants have already created a list of over 100 new words, which includes "creeping" (a la the "Jersey Shore"), "Tebowing" (named for quarterback Tim Bebow's infamous prayer stance) and many more.

“Most dictionaries are static," Brown says. "By allowing the public to truly participate, we’re ensuring that we stay on top of the evolving English language.”

What do you think? By including these words in an online dictionary, are we slandering the English language? Or is this crowd-sourced approach how dictionaries will stay relevant? Sound off in the comments section and check out our slideshow of 9 crazy words that people think should be in the dictionary (below). Do you have suggestions for words to add to the Collins Dictionary? Visit the Collins website to see all the most recent word suggestions and submit your own! Then, check out our gallery of ridiculous tech terms we wish would just die (here).

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