Take A Sneak Peek At The Emojis That Might Be Coming Next Year

These are so weird and awesome.

Behold! The emojis of the future.

Emojipedia, a comprehensive online resource about emojis, on Tuesday released new mock-ups for expressions, gestures and objects that could be coming to your phone next year. Among them: a glass of whiskey, a leafy salad and a sneezing face.

There's also this hilariously specific "Modern Pentathlon" emoji, an assemblage of triumphant athletes who seem to epitomize the sentiment behind "squad goals":

Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia, explained to The Huffington Post that the mock-ups are styled after Apple's emojis and based on approved ideas for Unicode 9.0, an update that's expected in mid-2016.

Unicode is essentially the standardizing force that allows special characters like emojis to display accurately across platforms -- it's why "💩" is a poop whether you're on a computer, an iPhone or an Android device.

"We created the images in the Apple style, as people tend to think of this as the canonical version of an emoji," Burge explained.

Of course, just because Unicode approves new emojis doesn't mean that companies like Apple (or Samsung, or Microsoft) will implement them. For example, Microsoft brought the middle-finger emoji to its platform several months before Apple. And companies can also implement their own characters without traditional Unicode approval: Apple's platform recently got its own anti-bullying emoji you won't see elsewhere.

Emojipedia has been tracking the new list of approved emojis and creating mock-ups since August -- you can see a full collection here

For what it's worth, we're most excited about an emoji way to order a Jim Beam on the rocks 🎉: