Definitive Proof That God Is A New England Patriots Fan

It would explain a lot.

Snapped on Tuesday, New England Patriots fan Mike Depina submitted this photo of a Patriots logo-shaped cloud to a local NBC affiliate. Barring that this isn't Photoshopped in any way, that sure does look like a Patriots cloud. But it could also be a fallen ice cream cone, wizard hat, or, if you have no imagination, just a regular ol' dumb cloud.  

Compare the cloud to the Patriots logo for yourself:

With a little help from above, as Depina believes, the Patriots eviscerated the Miami Dolphins 36-7 on Thursday night to advance to 7-0 on the season. 

Suddenly, everything unexplainable about the New England Patriots' sneaky successes and Tom Brady's tremendous luck this century makes complete sense. God is a Pats fan.


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