My New England Patriots Super Bowl Party with Dolly Parton! (it's really just with her Southwestern Grilled Chicken and music!)

I live in the heart of Patriots nation in New England. Here it’s an understatement to say we are excited about the Super Bowl this Sunday. The Pats are a way of life and we’ve all already been celebrating for days by talking about the Patriots, wearing our Patriots gear, planning our Super Bowl parties and listening to or watching anything related to the New England Patriots.

I’ve had my menu for Sunday ready since our last win but I still wanted to include one more dish. Lucky for me I discovered a southern-style chicken dish from one of my all-time favorite singers Dolly Parton and I know it will be the winning dish for our Super Bowl party!

Other items we’ll be snacking on include:

  • Slow-cooker Buffalo Chicken dip
  • Chopped Salad
  • Mini-cheese burger sliders
  • Super loaded chili nachos
  • Super-sized toll-house cookies

Dolly Parton’s Dolly's 'Dixie Fixin's' cookbook is classic and is much-loved in kitchens across the country. I love that I can bring a little of the south to our New England bash with her Southwestern Chicken Rub recipe.

I’ll be blasting the Dolly tunes (Blue Smoke album especially) while I make the rub tomorrow and we plan to grill it on both chicken and steak.

Go Pats!

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