New Facebook Profiles: Twitterers React To The Revamp (PICTURES)

Twitterers Respond To Facebook's Profile Revamp

On Sunday, Facebook announced the latest revamp to its profile pages.

The new profile page reorganizes users' information and features key personal information--such as workplace, hometown, date of birth, education history and more--at the top of the page, along with recently tagged photos (PICTURES). Other new features aim to make the Facebook profile a more complete sketch of a user's personal interests and connections.

Facebook has already started rolling out these new features, and most users will see the changes by next month. To learn more, visit our overview of Facebook's new look. You can also upgrade your profile now by clicking here.

How will Facebook's 500 million users react to these changes? We've compiled a slideshow of early opinions from tweeters. Take a look (below) to see what users have to say so far, then share your thoughts in the comments.

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