New Facebook Redesign 2010: PICTURES Of The New Layout

New Facebook Redesign 2010: PICTURES Of The New Layout

A new Facebook redesign is being rolled out to the site's 400 million users.

According to Inside Facebook, 80 million users got the new home page layout yesterday, February 4, and more will be seeing the redesign shortly.

So what does the new Facebook layout look like?

The new Facebook layout includes a new home page design, and an applications and games dashboard.

A Facebook press release explained:

New Home Page Design
A simplified home page to provide easier access to what you're looking for on Facebook. You can now quickly navigate to commonly-used areas of the site from the top and left hand menus. From the Top Menu, you can now easily find new messages, requests, and notifications using the icons in the top, left hand corner. The left hand menu is now where you can find all of your applications, previously located in the bottom dock. The links on the left will take you to your application dashboards. You can also find your Messages and Facebook Chat from the left hand menu.

Applications and Games Dashboards
The Applications Dashboard lets you view the latest applications you and your friends interacted with, as well as discover new applications based on what your friends are using. The Games Dashboard serves as a dedicated space for games on Facebook where you can interact with games you've recently played and discover new games based on what your friends are playing. On both the Applications and Games Dashboards, you can receive personalized updates to remind you of impending actions, sent directly from the applications.

The Facebook redesign was rolled out on Facebook's sixth anniversary. Read a blog post by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 'Six Years Of Making Connections.'

Check out screenshots of Facebook's new look below, or get more pictures on TechCrunch.

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