The New Food Emojis Are Here! Dig Into Avocado, Pancakes, Bacon And More

This changes everything.

Any eater worth their salt knows that the emoji language is seriously lacking. Sure, there's Champagne and cake to choose from -- and the taco emoji finally made it on the scene last year -- but how can food lovers really express themselves through text without bacon, eggs or avocado emojis?

The emoji makers have heard your cries, and today are releasing unicode 9.0 which includes 72 new emojis, 18 of which are food related. There will finally be an emoji for eggs, bacon and avocado, as well as croissants, pancakes and baguettes. Pretty great, we know. Other new gems include the kiwi, carrot (it's so cute!) and peanuts. There will also be a spoon, because we need that.

There's just one little snag: while the new unicode will be released on June 21, it may take a little while before these emojis become options on your iPhones and Androids. We have to wait for Apple, Google and Microsoft to start including them in their public releases. But all good things come to those who wait.

Check out the video of what the new emojis are expected to look like.

Doesn't that stack of pancakes look great?

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