New Gaddafi Video? Footage Purportedly Shows Late Libyan Leader After His Death (GRAPHIC)

New Footage Purports To Show Gaddafi Shortly After Death

A YouTube upload purporting to show new footage from after Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi's violent death last October has surfaced, allegedly providing a clearer view of the late dictator's bloodied body.

Activist Sami al-Hamwi (@HamaEcho) tweeted a link to the video, remarking that someone should show the footage to Syrian president Bashar Assad as a reminder of what befell another Middle East dictator.

Previous footage posted shortly after Gaddafi's death last year showed him on his knees, seemingly alive. In the clearer footage below, Gaddafi's shirtless body appears to be transported by a group of men in the back of a van.

Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for almost 42 years, gaining a reputation as a colorful character and merciless dictator.

WARNING: Video below contains extremely graphic content. The footage below could not be independently verified and it's unclear why the video was only released now.

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