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'New Girl': Which Roommate Is Leaving The Loft In Season 3?

Damon Wayans Jr. is coming back to the "New Girl" loft, and that means someone else has got to go. Yes, really! According to E!Online, one of the show's regulars -- Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) or Winston (Lamorne Morris) -- "will pack up and leave the apartment they all share in an upcoming episode."

But rest assured, no one's actually leaving the show, just the apartment -- and we're guessing it won't be a permanent move. E! offered this hint about the identity of the exiting roommate: "All we can say is that it's probably not who you think. And the twist is pretty great."

Since Wayans' character, Coach, was replaced by Winston after the pilot, it would make sense for Coach to try and reclaim his old room ... which is why we're guessing it'll be Nick or Schmidt who actually ends up leaving. Could a fight or a break-up with Jess chase Nick away, or will Schmidt perhaps end up forcibly evicted after his recent shenanigans?

Wayans will be appearing in at least four episodes of Season 3. "I think we're gonna dive into some of Coach's backstory, maybe, to see why he left the loft, to see why we know each other," Morris recently told Access Hollywood of Wayans' return.

Who do you think will move out of the "New Girl" loft? Click over to E! for more, and hit the comments with your predictions.

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