New Girl Scout Cookie: Savannah Smiles Celebrates Girl Scouts' 100th Year

New Girl Scout Cookie!

It's Girl Scout cookie season again, and this year there's a new girl in town to celebrate the Scouts' 100th anniversary. Welcome to the clique, Savannah Smiles. The Girl Scouts Cookies website describe the cookie:

Celebrate the anniversary of the Girl Scouts with these bite-sized, lemon-wedge cookies dusted in powdered sugar and bursting with lemon flavor. Enjoy these delightful treats, remember where Girl Scouts began ...and smile.

Little Brownie Bakers, the company that manufactures the cookie, is pretty jazzed up about the cookie:

Each year, thousands of Girl Scouts visit the founder's historical home, a National Historic Landmark in Savannah. In the time-worn rooms, each girl considers how, 100 years later, Juliette Low's story encourages her to dream big and do great things with her life.

That's why we are so proud to offer this special cookie that will delight customers and remind girls of their rich heritage and unlimited future.

We're not sure we think of dreaming big and doing great things as we bite into lemony cookies, but sure, whatever floats your boat.

Girl Scout cookie season varies by region, find out how to buy cookies in your region here.


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