New Guttmacher Video: Abortion in the United States

New Guttmacher Video: Abortion in the United States
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Myths and facts presented out of context are all too common in the U.S. abortion debate. Misinformation extends to even the most basic questions: Who are the women who obtain abortions? Why do they decide to end a pregnancy? What are their life circumstances?

The Guttmacher Institute has long worked to ensure that the debate around abortion is based on sound evidence and placed in the proper context of closely related issues like unintended pregnancy, contraceptive use and sex education. We are pleased to announce a new tool that is designed to do just that, as we launch our first motion graphic -- a short animated video that summarizes key facts about abortion in the United States.

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About Guttmacher's work:
The Guttmacher Institute provides a wealth of information and analysis on abortion and the characteristics of women who obtain the procedure, as well as on contraceptive use and access and financing for sexual and reproductive health services.

Innovative features like the Institute's Data Center and State Center allow users to compile, sort, graph and map a multitude of data on sexual and reproductive health, while its Evidence Checks condense complex research findings and help non-expert audiences differentiate good studies from junk science.

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