New Haggadahs Offer Unique Passover Experience For Every Seder Table

25 New Haggadahs For An Alternative Passover Seder

Passover is just around the corner and with it comes the ancient tradition of the seder and accompanying Haggadah.

The Haggadah guides the ritual meal and commemorates the Jewish exodus from slavery in Egypt. On each of the first two nights of Passover, people gather around the seder table for the 15-step meal and the recitation of the Haggadah.

The Haggadah can take many forms. "The word Haggadah means telling," Rabbi Bradley Hirschfield told The Huffington Post, "and as with all great stories, including the Exodus from Egypt, there are lots of ways to tell the story. So it's not surprising that there are many kinds of Haggadahs out there."

'New' or 'alternative' Haggadahs can run the gamut from the activist to the humorous to the artistic. "Historically, the Haggadah is a kind of loose script for the Passover seder, which goes back to the time of Jesus," explains Rabbi Hirshfield. "It has been a work in progress ever since."

If there is such thing as a traditional Haggadah, then these would certainly constitute the alternative. Here are 25 uncommon Haggadahs you might want to check out for this year's seder:

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