The New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Killing Us With Nostalgia

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the horror franchise to slay Michael Myers.

The original 1978 movie “Halloween,” directed by John Carpenter, is monumental in the horror genre. Sure, you had such familiar horror tropes as doomed teens having sex, but “Halloween” also set standards with its music and sound effects, jump scares, and overall creepy mood.

A new trailer for the rebooted sequel ― re-quel? ― came out Wednesday and it’s giving us nostalgic goosebumps. Or are those chills?

This film, with Carpenter as executive producer, takes place years after the original and ignores all the previously released sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis once again plays Laurie Strode, who as a teenager was terrified by the psychotic Michael Myers. Strode is now a grandmother, and she’s been waiting decades for Myers to return so she can kill him.

Check out the new trailer above. “Halloween” hits theaters on Oct. 19.