It's Primary Day In New Hampshire, And The Early Results Are In

John Kasich and Bernie Sanders each won two of three early voting communities.

The voters of New Hampshire have spoken... or at least, a handful of voters in a few locations. 

Three tiny towns in the Granite State held their primary elections at midnight, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), a Democratic candidate, winning two of them while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton (D) each won one. 

Real estate mogul Donald Trump (R) finished in second place in all three communities.  

In Dixville Notch, Kasich took three of the town's five GOP votes while the other two voted for Trump, according to New Hampshire Union Leader reporter John Koziol, who posted the results on Twitter.

Sanders won by a landslide, collecting all four Democratic votes.

Kasich also won Hart's Location with five votes to Trump's four. Two voters went for Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson each received one vote, according to results posted on Twitter by Local 22 anchor Lauren Maloney.

On the Democratic side, Sanders received 12 votes, Clinton got seven and someone named Mark Stewart Greenstein earned two votes.

Cruz won the town of Millsfield with nine votes while Trump finished in second place with three votes.

Bush, Carson, Kasich, Rubio, businesswoman Carly Fiorina and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R), who has left the race, each received one vote, according to results posted on Twitter by Littleton Record editor Paul Hayes. 

Clinton won on the Democratic side, with two votes compared to one for Sanders. 

New Hampshire law allows towns with fewer than 100 voters to hold their elections at midnight and close the polls once all the votes have been cast, per the Boston Globe. Almost all of the nine voters in Dixville Notch are employees of the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, which is closed for renovations. 


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