'New Hampshire' Episode 1: What It Takes In The Granite State

Will 2016 mark the decline of the first-in-the-nation primary as we know it?

In presidential politics, New Hampshire has long been known as a place where “the little guy” can defy the odds. But in a nationalized 2016 race for the White House unlike any that’s come before it, does the little guy stand a chance anymore?

As a millennial who’s been living and breathing the campaign on the ground in New Hampshire over the past six months, few people have a better perspective on that question than CBS News Digital Journalist Jackie Alemany.

In the first episode of "New Hampshire" -- a HuffPost Originals limited series -- we see the disorienting new dynamic in this critical primary state through her eyes. And we also see what the candidates are like when their guard is down.

Watch Episode 1, "What It Takes In The Granite State," above, and for more bonus clips, check out the "New Hampshire" show page here.

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