'New Hampshire' Episode 4: Not Just For Old, White People

Young people are more engaged in this year’s primary than what the popular image might suggest.

Of all the adjectives used to describe the voters of New Hampshire, "flinty" is perhaps the most common

Broadly defined, the word means something close to stern and unyielding, but the specific image that "flinty" conjures is more straightforward: old, white people who are hard to impress and easily caricatured. 

In the fourth episode of "New Hampshire," a HuffPost Originals limited series, we’ll show a different facet of the primary: millennials who are far more engaged in the political process than this popular image might suggest.

It was young people who propelled Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses, and that voting bloc is poised to play just as big of a role in the nation’s first primary state.

What issues do millennials in New Hampshire care about most and how are they approaching their decisions as the 2016 campaign’s focus turns squarely on the Granite State? And what about other voters who don't match the popular image of the typical New Hampshire Yankee, such as people with disabilities? 

Watch Episode 4, "Not Just For Old, White People," above, and for more episodes and bonus clips, check out the "New Hampshire" show page here.

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