New Hampshire Newspaper "Suspends" Writing Editorials To Focus On Economy

Okay. Once you get your head around a week in our political lives, during which:

  • The first presidential debate was nearly scuttled
  • By the candidate who was prepared to decree himself the winner before the debate had even happened
  • Indeed, before anyone was certain that the candidate was even going to participate in the debate
  • Due to the fact that candidate had announced a "suspension" of his campaign
  • (A decision that he never followed through on)
  • To help along the legislative process in the ongoing financial bailout wranglings
  • (A process to which he ended up contributing nothing)
  • (And which he didn't return to work on after the debate had ended)
  • Finally to "resuming" a campaign that was never suspended.

The only sensible thing to do is the emulate the editorial board of the Keene Sentinel, who write:

We have decided to suspend our editorial activities today so we can adequately ponder the implications of the economic bailout program.

These are the smartest people in the political press, by far.