GOP Politician Who Linked COVID Vaccines To Satan Resigns From Committee

New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler backtracked on sharing the controversial report: “I apologize for not vetting the document more thoroughly."

A New Hampshire state representative who came under fire after sharing a document with his colleagues that linked the coronavirus to, among other things, Satan, the pope and 5G, has resigned his position as chairman of the state House Finance Committee.

Republican state Rep. Ken Weyler was criticized by members of both parties earlier this week after sharing what his fellow committee members referred to as a “vaccine death report.”

The “report” was full of misinformation and conspiracy theories, including an allegation that Roman Catholic leaders worship Satan and that multiple popes have answered to a hidden leader known as “The Grey Pope.”

The document also falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines not only contain tentacled creatures but 5G technology intended for mind control.

Deputy House Speaker Steven Smith told WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire that Weyler read only the first few pages of the document he shared with the finance committee.

Weyler apologized for sharing the report, saying in his resignation letter, “I apologize for not vetting the document more thoroughly, and to those who were offended.”

Gov. Chris Sununu, a fellow Republican, said before Weyler’s resignation as committee chair that his actions in disseminating the document clearly show a “detachment from reality.”

“Anyone in a leadership position really has no right to be putting that stuff out, promoting that type of stuff. That type of misinformation is dangerous,” Sununu said, according to WMUR.

Weyler remains on the committee, according to House Speaker Sherman Packard. In a statement, the Republican leader said the 79-year-old, who has served since 2010, “is an invaluable resource” whose “institutional knowledge is unmatched.”

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