Hillary Clinton Loan Suspected, Campaign "Close To Broke"

Ben Smith of Politico reported Tuesday night that Hillary Clinton might have made another loan to her campaign:

I asked Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe just now whether Clinton had given or loaned her campaign more money in the run-up to North Carolina and Indiana.

"Might be. Might not be," McAuliffe said, adding that the campaign would release more fundraising details tomorrow.

Clinton Advisers Expect Calls To Withdraw From Supporters: The New York Times article on Tuesday's primary results includes some interesting details about the state of the Clinton campaign following her big loss in North Carolina:

Mrs. Clinton's advisers acknowledged that the results of the primaries were far less than they had hoped, and said they were likely to face new pleas even from some of their own supporters for her to quit the race. They said they expected fund-raising to become even harder now; one adviser said the campaign was essentially broke, and several others refused to say whether Mrs. Clinton had lent the campaign money from her personal account to keep it afloat.

The advisers said they were dispirited over the loss in North Carolina, after her campaign -- working off a shoestring budget as spending outpaces fund-raising -- decided to allocate millions of dollars, some key operatives and full days of the candidate and her husband there.