5 New Instagram Filters Released With Predictably Silly Names

Your photos are about to get a major boost of color with five new photo filters on Instagram.

Photo editing and sharing app Instagram released the new filters -- called Aden, Perpetua, Ludwig, Slumber and Crema -- in an update on Tuesday. They are now available in addition to the 20 filters that Instagram already offers.

Here's what the new filters look like:

Instagrams 5 New Filters In 2014

The last time Instagram added new filters was all the way back in 2012, when we got Mayfair and Willow.

Instagram has also updated its look and added a few new features. You'll now be able to personalize the "tray" of filters by putting them in whatever order you prefer, making your favorite filters easier to access. You can also hide the ones you don't use as much. Here's a look at what that's like:

new instagram filters

Now, instead of seeing an example photo of a hot air balloon as the button for each filter, you'll see a blurred version of the photo you're editing in that filter. You can see what that looks like in the image above.

In this update, Instagram made commenting happen in real time, so you won't need to refresh to see new comments. The app also now lets you upload slow-motion videos.

Now, it's time for all of us to answer the critical question: Which filter will you use on your presents?

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