New iPad Apps: The Best Retina Display-Ready Apps For The 'iPad 3'

You might have heard -- here on The Huffington Post or in other media outlets -- that there is a new iPad coming out, with an improved high-definition Retina display. Apple says that this display is "resolutionary," and the early reviewers agree.

In order to get the full mileage out of this new screen, however, you're going to need a bunch of apps that are specifically designed to take advantage of its high-definition resolution -- to satisfy, Apple has released a list of "Great Apps for the New iPad" in its iTunes store. (Other apps will still work, of course, but these apps have been specifically re-written to take advantage of the new iPad's high-resolution screen).

You can check out that full list here (link opens iTunes), or you can scan through our picks for the Best of the Best below. We've chosen the 11 best apps that are ready for your Retina display iPad (3) right now -- behold:

Retina-Ready Apps For New iPad