New iPhone 7: Why Removal Of Headphone Jack Is A New Leap In Phone Technology

Phone technology
Phone technology

Apple has been known for their courage to break away from the norm and introduce products that ignore pieces of technology that have been the standard for hundreds of years. For instance, Apple did away with the DVD disc drives from its PCs and most recently the standard USB ports. Lately, Apple just got rid of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in their next hit iPhone 7. This action seems to have outraged many iPhone users. Some commentators even believe that the removal of the jack could be Apple’s way of maintaining the exclusiveness of their products. Some other critics even believe the move by apple is a stupid idea altogether.

So, why has the technology giant shifted from the century old tech that is a mainstay for today’s electronics? Is the removal of the headphone jack a leap in technology or a rather a retrogressive move? If we consider that music forms an integral part of how many people interact with their phones, removal of the headphone jack is not analogous to eliminating the ability to listen to music in iPhone 7. On the contrary, this move could be an improvement. Here are some reasons why I consider the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack is an advancement in phone technology:

Enhancement of audio quality

The elimination of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 will further enhance the superior audio quality of iPhone. Apple has come up with ideas that enable headphones manufacturer to make headphones that connect to the phone via the iPhone lightning port.

One thing that gives the lightning port an advantage over the standard 3.5mm jack is its power. Most phones have their headphones power amplifiers built in the handsets. This inbuilt amplifier is what boosts the sound quality for the headphone users. This inbuilt amplifiers that are in the handsets do not produce the best quality sounds. Using power from lightning ports, headphone manufacturers can incorporate the amplifiers in the ear phones themselves. This technology boosts the audio quality in a manner that offers better listening experience. This is definitely a plus for the iPhone 7.

Bigger screen and thinner phones

This is another non-audio added advantage that supports the elimination of the 3.5mm headphones jack. Have you ever thought for a second that iPhone could get thinner than it now is? Well, it can. The 3.5mm jack is a major factor that limits how thin any device can be. Also, removing the headphone jack has enabled Apple to add on the screen size of a similar sized device. A screen is not double dimensional and takes quite a lot of space on a smartphone. If you try to pick your headphones and place it over where the earphones jack is on your phone you will realize that its tip ends almost immediately where the screen starts. That’s not a coincidence. Therefore, doing away with the headphone jack provides additional real estate for a bigger screen.

Easier to install the taptic engine and increased battery size

The taptic engine is the latest of Apple’s technology for the haptic feedback mechanism. The taptic engine is made of a lateral vibrator and a force sensor. The removal of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 will enable easier installation of this technology as compared to iPhone 6. On the same note, company engineers realized that removal of the jack led to an increased battery size. This means increased battery life for iPhone 7.

Waterproof capability

The removal of the 3.5mm headset jack ceases to be a hindrance to making the iPhone waterproof. Its removal has provided a doorway to making not only the iPhone waterproof but also other devices by the manufacturers that will embrace this advancement.

In summary, elimination of the headphones jack is truly a leap in technology. We can nonetheless, be certain that the headphone jack will fade at one point, whether this year or ten years to come. There are people who might be irritated with this, but with the promise of better features and improved functionality, bidding the jack goodbye won’t be a painful thing to do.



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