Apple's New iPhone Doesn't Bend


Apple doesn't care how tight your jeans are: The new iPhone can take the pressure.

A video posted Thursday by FoneFox shows that, unlike last year's model, the new iPhone 6S Plus won't bend in response to a reasonable amount of force.  

When the iPhone 6 Plus came out last year, Apple faced a huge kerfuffle over "#BendGate" when YouTube user Unbox Therapy showed the shiny new device bending in his hands. Some alleged that tight pants were enough to warp the smartphone.

But the company appears to have upped its game. If the new video by FoneFox is to be believed, the iPhone 6S Plus won't bend unless you really, really apply a ridiculous amount of pressure -- it took two dudes working in tandem to make a dent in the new gadget.

 So there you go: Put the iPhone in your pocket, sit on it, feed it to your dog, whatever. It'll stay nice and straight, just as you like it.