NEW iPhone OS 4.0 FEATURES: Multitasking And More

NEW iPhone OS 4 FEATURES: Multitasking And More

Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPhone operating system--iPhone OS 4.0--at an Apple event in Cupertino.

Among other features, the forthcoming iPhone OS will include multitasking, a new mobile advertising platform (iAd), enterprise features, Apple's iBooks app, and more.

When (and on what gadgets) will iPhone OS 4.0 be available? According to Apple, it will be making the updates available to all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad models, although some features will only be available on the more advanced models--for example, while iPhone 3GS users will be able to enjoy the full array of upgrades, iPhone 3G users won't have access to the multitasking function. The new software should be released later this summer for the iPhone and iPod touch. It will also be coming to the iPad this fall. Generally, Apple makes such updates available for free as a download.

Check out some of the key features that will be offered with the next generation of iPhone software in the slideshow below.

iPhone 4G's Multitasking Options

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