New iPod Touch Coming? How To Get Live Updates From Apple's Press Conference

New iPod Touch Coming? How To Get Live Updates From Apple's Press Conference

UPDATE: Apple will be providing live video streaming of its September 1st event. Get details on how to watch the press conference here.
Apple is hosting a music-themed press conference September 1st and there are rumors that the company will announce a new iPod Touch and new iPod Nano at the event.

Although the company has not confirmed what new product (if any) will be unveiled, Apple has repeatedly introduced new iPod models at its September press conference.

What might a 4th generation iPod Touch look like? iLounge, citing only "a source who would have reason to know," suggests that the new iPod Touch would have a rear camera, microphone, and a slightly altered shape--"Think of the top of a MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center, closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch's back, only with modifications." Apple blogger John Gruber speculated on his blog that the next generation iPod Touch would have "Retina Display and Dual Cameras." The Associated Press speculates, "the gadget may get a higher-resolution screen, like the recently launched iPhone 4, a faster processor and two cameras, one on the back for taking photos and video and another on the front for video-chatting over Apple's FaceTime program."

There has also been buzz that a new iPod Nano is en route. In its roundup of rumors about Apple's September 1st event, MacRumors notes that there is talk of Apple unveiling a next generation iPod Nano with a "smaller, square shaped design" and "3cm x 3cm touch screen."

Apple does not usually provide live video streaming of its press conferences, but you can follow the announcement live on from Engadget, Ars Technica, ZDNet, GDGT, and CNET, which will be among the sites live-blogging the press conference.

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