New Jersey Devils Mascot Runs Through Window At Boy's Birthday Party

The losing team could use a break but shattering a glass window probably wasn't what it had in mind.

The New Jersey Devils’ mascot is having a rough off-season after the NHL team failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs.

A person dressed as the team’s mascot was working at a kid’s fifth birthday party at Little Gym in Edison, New Jersey, last weekend, New Jersey 101.5 reported. As the children played a game of parachute the New Jersey Devil randomly decided to run toward a wall of windows.

Maybe the mascot thought it was the kind of glass used to protect fans from flying pucks. But this wasn’t, and it shattered. Oops.

Twitter user Lawrence Chiu identified himself as the father of the boy celebrating his birthday. He wrote in a tweet that “no one was hurt and everyone had a great time.”

But the Devils reached out on Twitter just in case:

The team also shared a video of the incident.

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