New Jersey Marriage Equality Is One Week Away (VIDEO)

The clock is ticking in New Jersey: There's less than a week to go until the court-ordered start date for marriage equality arrives.

Gov. Chris Christie has filed last-minute legal challenges to try to halt the impending weddings, but so far he hasn't met with much luck. Lamba Legal has until Tuesday to respond to Christie's emergency appeal, and a definitive ruling on the start date will likely come soon thereafter.

Even if marriage equality does start as planned next week, there's still a chance that the New Jersey Supreme Court could apply the brakes at some point in the future. Lawmakers could reduce that potential volatility by overturning the state's marriage ban. The deadline for doing so during the current session is January 2014.

Illinois also faces a looming legislative deadline: The fall veto session starts next week, during which time legislators could consider a marriage equality bill. Organizers are planning a march on Springfield to persuade lawmakers to make the most of the session.